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Safe Search for 226 Countries
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#CountryPopulation% of WorldCumulative %Country-Specific Search
1China1,338,612,96821.1%21.1%   Safe Search for China
2India1,156,897,76618.2%39.2%   Safe Search for India
3United States of America307,212,1234.8%44.1%   Safe Search for United States of America
4Indonesia240,271,5223.8%47.9%   Safe Search for Indonesia
5Brazil198,739,2693.1%51.0%   Safe Search for Brazil
6Pakistan174,578,5582.7%53.7%   Safe Search for Pakistan
7Bangladesh156,050,8832.5%56.2%   Safe Search for Bangladesh
8Nigeria149,229,0902.3%58.5%   Safe Search for Nigeria
9Russia140,041,2472.2%60.7%   Safe Search for Russia
10Japan127,078,6792.0%62.7%   Safe Search for Japan
11Mexico111,211,7891.7%64.5%   Safe Search for Mexico
12Philippines97,976,6031.5%66.0%   Safe Search for Philippines
13Viet Nam88,576,7581.4%67.4%   Safe Search for Viet Nam
14Ethiopia85,237,3381.3%68.8%   Safe Search for Ethiopia
15Germany82,329,7581.3%70.1%   Safe Search for Germany
16Egypt78,866,6351.2%71.3%   Safe Search for Egypt
17Turkey76,805,5241.2%72.5%   Safe Search for Turkey
18Congo (Democratic Republic)68,692,5421.1%73.6%   Safe Search for Congo (Democratic Republic)
19Thailand65,998,4361.0%74.6%   Safe Search for Thailand
20France64,057,7921.0%75.6%   Safe Search for France
21Italy58,126,2120.91%76.5%   Safe Search for Italy
22South Africa49,052,4890.77%77.3%   Safe Search for South Africa
23South Korea48,508,9720.76%78.1%   Safe Search for South Korea
24Colombia43,677,3720.69%78.8%   Safe Search for Colombia
25Tanzania41,048,5320.65%79.4%   Safe Search for Tanzania
26Argentina40,913,5840.64%80.1%   Safe Search for Argentina
27Spain40,525,0020.64%80.7%   Safe Search for Spain
28Kenya39,002,7720.61%81.3%   Safe Search for Kenya
29Poland38,482,9190.61%81.9%   Safe Search for Poland
30Algeria34,178,1880.54%82.4%   Safe Search for Algeria
31Canada33,487,2080.53%83.0%   Safe Search for Canada
32Morocco31,285,1740.49%83.5%   Safe Search for Morocco
33Peru29,546,9630.46%83.9%   Safe Search for Peru
34Iraq28,945,5690.46%84.4%   Safe Search for Iraq
35Saudi Arabia28,686,6330.45%84.8%   Safe Search for Saudi Arabia
36Nepal28,563,3770.45%85.3%   Safe Search for Nepal
37Afghanistan28,395,7160.45%85.7%   Safe Search for Afghanistan
38Uzbekistan27,606,0070.43%86.2%   Safe Search for Uzbekistan
39Venezuela26,814,8430.42%86.6%   Safe Search for Venezuela
40Malaysia25,715,8190.40%87.0%   Safe Search for Malaysia
41Taiwan22,974,3470.36%87.4%   Safe Search for Taiwan
42Yemen22,858,2380.36%87.7%   Safe Search for Yemen
43Mozambique21,669,2780.34%88.1%   Safe Search for Mozambique
44Sri Lanka21,324,7910.34%88.4%   Safe Search for Sri Lanka
45Australia21,262,6410.33%88.7%   Safe Search for Australia
46Madagascar20,653,5560.32%89.0%   Safe Search for Madagascar
47Cote d'Ivoire20,617,0680.32%89.4%   Safe Search for Cote d'Ivoire
48Cameroon18,879,3010.30%89.7%   Safe Search for Cameroon
49Netherlands16,715,9990.26%89.9%   Safe Search for Netherlands
50Chile16,601,7070.26%90.2%   Safe Search for Chile
51Burkina Faso15,746,2320.25%90.4%   Safe Search for Burkina Faso
52Kazakhstan15,399,4370.24%90.7%   Safe Search for Kazakhstan
53Niger15,306,2520.24%90.9%   Safe Search for Niger
54Malawi15,028,7570.24%91.2%   Safe Search for Malawi
55Ecuador14,573,1010.23%91.4%   Safe Search for Ecuador
56Cambodia14,494,2930.23%91.6%   Safe Search for Cambodia
57Senegal13,711,5970.22%91.8%   Safe Search for Senegal
58Mali13,443,2250.21%92.0%   Safe Search for Mali
59Guatemala13,276,5170.21%92.3%   Safe Search for Guatemala
60Angola12,799,2930.20%92.5%   Safe Search for Angola
61Zambia11,862,7400.19%92.6%   Safe Search for Zambia
62Zimbabwe11,392,6290.18%92.8%   Safe Search for Zimbabwe
63Rwanda10,746,3110.17%93.0%   Safe Search for Rwanda
64Greece10,737,4280.17%93.2%   Safe Search for Greece
65Portugal10,707,9240.17%93.3%   Safe Search for Portugal
66Tunisia10,486,3390.16%93.5%   Safe Search for Tunisia
67Belgium10,414,3360.16%93.7%   Safe Search for Belgium
68Chad10,329,2080.16%93.8%   Safe Search for Chad
69Czech Republic10,211,9040.16%94.0%   Safe Search for Czech Republic
70Guinea10,057,9750.16%94.1%   Safe Search for Guinea
71Hungary9,905,5960.16%94.3%   Safe Search for Hungary
72Somalia9,832,0170.15%94.4%   Safe Search for Somalia
73Bolivia9,775,2460.15%94.6%   Safe Search for Bolivia
74Dominican Republic9,650,0540.15%94.8%   Safe Search for Dominican Republic
75Belarus9,648,5330.15%94.9%   Safe Search for Belarus
76Burundi9,511,3300.15%95.1%   Safe Search for Burundi
77Sweden9,059,6510.14%95.2%   Safe Search for Sweden
78Haiti9,035,5360.14%95.3%   Safe Search for Haiti
79Benin8,791,8320.14%95.5%   Safe Search for Benin
80Azerbaijan8,238,6720.13%95.6%   Safe Search for Azerbaijan
81Austria8,210,2810.13%95.7%   Safe Search for Austria
82Serbia and Montenegro8,051,5190.13%95.9%   Safe Search for Serbia and Montenegro
83Honduras7,833,6960.12%96.0%   Safe Search for Honduras
84Switzerland7,604,4670.12%96.1%   Safe Search for Switzerland
85Tajikistan7,349,1450.12%96.2%   Safe Search for Tajikistan
86Israel7,233,7010.11%96.3%   Safe Search for Israel
87Bulgaria7,204,6870.11%96.4%   Safe Search for Bulgaria
88El Salvador7,185,2180.11%96.6%   Safe Search for El Salvador
89Hong Kong7,055,0710.11%96.7%   Safe Search for Hong Kong
90Paraguay6,995,6550.11%96.8%   Safe Search for Paraguay
91Laos6,834,3450.11%96.9%   Safe Search for Laos
92Libya6,324,3570.099%97.0%   Safe Search for Libya
93Jordan6,269,2850.099%97.1%   Safe Search for Jordan
94Togo6,031,8080.095%97.2%   Safe Search for Togo
95Papua New Guinea5,940,7750.093%97.3%   Safe Search for Papua New Guinea
96Nicaragua5,891,1990.093%97.4%   Safe Search for Nicaragua
97Eritrea5,647,1680.089%97.5%   Safe Search for Eritrea
98Denmark5,500,5100.087%97.5%   Safe Search for Denmark
99Slovakia5,463,0460.086%97.6%   Safe Search for Slovakia
100Kyrgyzstan5,431,7470.085%97.7%   Safe Search for Kyrgyzstan
101Finland5,250,2750.083%97.8%   Safe Search for Finland
102Sierra Leone5,132,1380.081%97.9%   Safe Search for Sierra Leone
103Turkmenistan4,884,8870.077%98.0%   Safe Search for Turkmenistan
104United Arab Emirates4,798,4910.075%98.0%   Safe Search for United Arab Emirates
105Norway4,660,5390.073%98.1%   Safe Search for Norway
106Singapore4,657,5420.073%98.2%   Safe Search for Singapore
107Bosnia and Herzegovina4,613,4140.073%98.2%   Safe Search for Bosnia and Herzegovina
108Central African Republic4,511,4880.071%98.3%   Safe Search for Central African Republic
109Croatia4,489,4090.071%98.4%   Safe Search for Croatia
110Moldova4,320,7480.068%98.5%   Safe Search for Moldova
111Costa Rica4,253,8770.067%98.5%   Safe Search for Costa Rica
112New Zealand4,213,4180.066%98.6%   Safe Search for New Zealand
113Ireland4,203,2000.066%98.7%   Safe Search for Ireland
114Lebanon4,017,0950.063%98.7%   Safe Search for Lebanon
115Congo4,012,8090.063%98.8%   Safe Search for Congo
116Puerto Rico3,966,2130.062%98.8%   Safe Search for Puerto Rico
117Albania3,639,4530.057%98.9%   Safe Search for Albania
118Lithuania3,555,1790.056%99.0%   Safe Search for Lithuania
119Uruguay3,494,3820.055%99.0%   Safe Search for Uruguay
120Liberia3,441,7900.054%99.1%   Safe Search for Liberia
121Oman3,418,0850.054%99.1%   Safe Search for Oman
122Panama3,360,4740.053%99.2%   Safe Search for Panama
123Mauritania3,129,4860.049%99.2%   Safe Search for Mauritania
124Mongolia3,041,1420.048%99.3%   Safe Search for Mongolia
125Armenia2,967,0040.047%99.3%   Safe Search for Armenia
126Jamaica2,825,9280.044%99.4%   Safe Search for Jamaica
127Kuwait2,692,5260.042%99.4%   Safe Search for Kuwait
128Latvia2,231,5030.035%99.4%   Safe Search for Latvia
129Lesotho2,130,8190.034%99.5%   Safe Search for Lesotho
130Namibia2,108,6650.033%99.5%   Safe Search for Namibia
131Macedonia2,066,7180.033%99.5%   Safe Search for Macedonia
132Slovenia2,005,6920.032%99.6%   Safe Search for Slovenia
133Botswana1,990,8760.031%99.6%   Safe Search for Botswana
134Guinea-Bissau1,533,9640.024%99.6%   Safe Search for Guinea-Bissau
135Gabon1,514,9930.024%99.7%   Safe Search for Gabon
136Swaziland1,337,1860.021%99.7%   Safe Search for Swaziland
137Estonia1,299,3710.020%99.7%   Safe Search for Estonia
138Mauritius1,284,2640.020%99.7%   Safe Search for Mauritius
139Trinidad and Tobago1,229,9530.019%99.7%   Safe Search for Trinidad and Tobago
140East Timor1,131,6120.018%99.7%   Safe Search for East Timor
141Cyprus1,084,7480.017%99.8%   Safe Search for Cyprus
142Fiji944,7200.015%99.8%   Safe Search for Fiji
143Qatar833,2850.013%99.8%   Safe Search for Qatar
144Guyana752,9400.012%99.8%   Safe Search for Guyana
145Comoros752,4380.012%99.8%   Safe Search for Comoros
146Bahrain728,7090.011%99.8%   Safe Search for Bahrain
147Djibouti724,6220.011%99.8%   Safe Search for Djibouti
148Bhutan691,1410.011%99.9%   Safe Search for Bhutan
149Equatorial Guinea633,4410.010%99.9%   Safe Search for Equatorial Guinea
150Solomon Islands595,6130.0094%99.9%   Safe Search for Solomon Islands
151Macau559,8460.0088%99.9%   Safe Search for Macau
152Luxembourg491,7750.0077%99.9%   Safe Search for Luxembourg
153Suriname481,2670.0076%99.9%   Safe Search for Suriname
154Cape Verde429,4740.0068%99.90%   Safe Search for Cape Verde
155Western Sahara405,2100.0064%99.91%   Safe Search for Western Sahara
156Malta405,1650.0064%99.91%   Safe Search for Malta
157Maldives396,3340.0062%99.92%   Safe Search for Maldives
158Brunei388,1900.0061%99.93%   Safe Search for Brunei
159Belize307,8990.0048%99.93%   Safe Search for Belize
160The Bahamas307,5520.0048%99.94%   Safe Search for The Bahamas
161Iceland306,6940.0048%99.94%   Safe Search for Iceland
162French Polynesia287,0320.0045%99.95%   Safe Search for French Polynesia
163Barbados284,5890.0045%99.95%   Safe Search for Barbados
164New Caledonia227,4360.0036%99.95%   Safe Search for New Caledonia
165Netherlands Antilles227,0490.0036%99.96%   Safe Search for Netherlands Antilles
166Mayotte223,7650.0035%99.96%   Safe Search for Mayotte
167Samoa219,9980.0035%99.96%   Safe Search for Samoa
168Vanuatu218,5190.0034%99.97%   Safe Search for Vanuatu
169Sao Tome and Principe212,6790.0033%99.97%   Safe Search for Sao Tome and Principe
170Saint Lucia160,2670.0025%99.97%   Safe Search for Saint Lucia
171Tonga120,8980.0019%99.98%   Safe Search for Tonga
172Kiribati112,8500.0018%99.98%   Safe Search for Kiribati
173Micronesia107,4340.0017%99.98%   Safe Search for Micronesia
174Saint Vincent and Grenadines104,5740.0016%99.98%   Safe Search for Saint Vincent and Grenadines
175Aruba103,0650.0016%99.98%   Safe Search for Aruba
176Grenada90,7390.0014%99.98%   Safe Search for Grenada
177Seychelles87,4760.0014%99.98%   Safe Search for Seychelles
178Antigua and Barbuda85,6320.0013%99.99%   Safe Search for Antigua and Barbuda
179Andorra83,8880.0013%99.99%   Safe Search for Andorra
180Dominica72,6600.0011%99.99%   Safe Search for Dominica
181Bermuda67,8370.0011%99.990%   Safe Search for Bermuda
182American Somoa65,6280.0010%99.991%   Safe Search for American Somoa
183Marshall Islands64,5220.0010%99.992%   Safe Search for Marshall Islands
184Greenland57,6000.0009%99.993%   Safe Search for Greenland
185Northern Mariana Islands51,4840.0008%99.994%   Safe Search for Northern Mariana Islands
186Cayman Islands49,0350.0008%99.994%   Safe Search for Cayman Islands
187Faroe Islands48,8560.0008%99.995%   Safe Search for Faroe Islands
188Saint Kitts and Nevis40,1310.0006%99.996%   Safe Search for Saint Kitts and Nevis
189Liechtenstein34,7610.0005%99.996%   Safe Search for Liechtenstein
190Monaco32,9650.0005%99.997%   Safe Search for Monaco
191San Marino30,1670.0005%99.997%   Safe Search for San Marino
192Gibraltar28,7960.0005%99.998%   Safe Search for Gibraltar
193Virgin Islands (British)24,4910.0004%99.998%   Safe Search for Virgin Islands (British)
194Palau20,7960.0003%99.998%   Safe Search for Palau
195Wallis and Futuna Islands15,2890.0002%99.999%   Safe Search for Wallis and Futuna Islands
196Anguilla14,4360.0002%99.999%   Safe Search for Anguilla
197Nauru14,0190.0002%99.9991%   Safe Search for Nauru
198Tuvalu12,3730.0002%99.9993%   Safe Search for Tuvalu
199Cook Islands11,8700.0002%99.9995%   Safe Search for Cook Islands
200Saint Helena7,6370.0001%99.9996%   Safe Search for Saint Helena
201St. Pierre and Miquelon7,0630.0001%99.9997%   Safe Search for St. Pierre and Miquelon
202Montserrat5,0970.0001%99.9998%   Safe Search for Montserrat
203Falkland Islands (Malvinas)3,1400.0000%99.9998%   Safe Search for Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
204Norfolk Island2,1410.00003%99.99988%   Safe Search for Norfolk Island
205Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands2,1160.00003%99.99991%   Safe Search for Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
206Tokelau1,4160.00002%99.99993%   Safe Search for Tokelau
207Christmas Island1,4020.00002%99.99995%   Safe Search for Christmas Island
208Niue1,3980.00002%99.99998%   Safe Search for Niue
209Vatican8260.00001%99.99999%   Safe Search for Vatican
210Cocos (Keeling) Islands5960.00001%99.999999%   Safe Search for Cocos (Keeling) Islands
211Pitcairn480.000001%100.000000%   Safe Search for Pitcairn
212French Guiana--100.000000%   Safe Search for French Guiana
213Guadeloupe--100.000000%   Safe Search for Guadeloupe
214Martinique--100.000000%   Safe Search for Martinique
215Palestinian Territory (Occupied)--100.000000%   Safe Search for Palestinian Territory (Occupied)
216Reunion--100.000000%   Safe Search for Reunion
217United States Minor Outlying Islands--100.000000%   Safe Search for United States Minor Outlying Islands
218Virgin Islands (U.S.)--100.000000%   Safe Search for Virgin Islands (U.S.)
219Antarctica--100.000000%   Safe Search for Antarctica
220Bouvet Island--100.000000%   Safe Search for Bouvet Island
221French Southern Territories--100.000000%   Safe Search for French Southern Territories
222Guam--100.000000%   Safe Search for Guam
223Heard and McDonald Islands--100.000000%   Safe Search for Heard and McDonald Islands
224British Indian Ocean Territory--100.000000%   Safe Search for British Indian Ocean Territory
225South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands--100.000000%   Safe Search for South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands