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Nice things people have said about SquirrelNet

Featured quote from our homepage:

From ICTeachers in the UK:

This site (SquirrelNet.com) is excellent for those wishing to use search engines effectively. It is American based, but the advice holds good using whatever search engine. You could save yourself a great deal of time by learning a few of the useful tips from this site!"

Other nice things:

From Mary Bell's Homepage at Central Michigan University:
"This site includes facts about squirrels that ALL educated people should know!"

For a class project at Cal State (Hayward):
"SquirrelNet helps individuals gather internet information (much like squirrels gather food for the winter). This page discusses Internet Careers, with links to core business skills, job opportunities, net companies, etc."

From Omar Ezzeldine's Unofficial New Horizon School Site in Pasadena, California
"Basically a surfing instructor and helper, nothing too exciting here." Hmm, please visit his site to understand the context!

From the Linesville High School website in Linesville, Pennsylvania:
"Frustrated with search engines? Need some help to get what you want? Find what you are looking for! Try SuirrelNet.com."

Karen Tutkowski's "Oh What a Tangled 'Web' We Weave" (Waukesha, Wisconsin):
This webpage is an online learning activity for students. Her page is devoted to teaching students "how to conduct a more EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE SEARCH for RELIABLE SOURCES" and she lists SquirrelNet as a resource. We recommend Karen's page to all teacher. Be sure to link back to her page so she can get credit for this.

The Surfin' Pick of the Day award given to SquirrelNet on January 6, 2000.

Leia Vader's Homepage
"Really, I don't know what squirrels have to do with this site. But if you want to learn more about the net, such as how to make good searches, or where to get MP3 players, this is the place to go. It's really a good site."


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