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3-Step Guide to Searching

Our 3-step guide will help you search just like an expert. At each step, we provide the best links you can use in your search. Here we provide search engine tips including help with each specific search engine.

Step One - Finding quality in your search

A major frustration in many searches is that you see hundreds of listings but few seem to be of high-quality. This step recommends using Google as your first step in conducting a successful search.

Step Two - The idiot's guide to difficult searches

Some searches are more difficult than others. Step Two puts you in control of some of the "power" features of Google.

Step Three - What to do if all else fails?

In this step, we present more info on how to get better results out of Google, including dealing with similar words. If these tips don't work, we offer some tips on other sites to use.

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Top 20
Search Engines
  1. Google
  2. Answers.com
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Clusty.com
  5. MetaCrawler
  6. MagPortal
  7. ixQuick
  8. Netcraft
  9. Kartoo.com
  10. Teoma

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