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Intro to Squirrels 101: "A Basic Introduction"

This is a basic introduction to squirrels.  Our goal is to teach you some interesting facts about squirrels, show you how cute they are and occasionally make you laugh or smile.

The Grey Squirrel is the most common squirrel in North America.  It's habit of gathering and storing food for the winter has allowed the species to survive for more than 35 million years.

Baby Squirrels
Baby squirrels weigh approximately one ounce at birth and are only about an inch long.  They do not have hair or teeth and are virtually blind for six to eight weeks.

Most squirrels eat nuts, seeds, grain and fruit -- nuts being their favorite.

Squirrels Do Not Hibernate
A common misconception about squirrels is that they hibernate during the winter.  While true that squirrels are rarely seen during extreme cold, this is because they remain near their nest where it is warm.

An interesting fact about squirrels is that the adult male squirrel is the cleanest member of the rodent family But it should also be said that the male does not play a role in raising the young. This may explain why they have more time for cleanliness.

(A special thanks goes out to "The Squirrel Place" at Squirrels.org for allowing us to utilize select content from their site.)

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