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Cool Sites

Here are some cool sites we recommend visiting. Where possible, we have reviewed the sites to make them more usable to you. Additional reporting on cool sites is now being done on the Cool Sites area of our blog, which includes cool sites like Little Drummer Baby: A 2-year old who can play drums.


A site dedicated to proving or debunking Urban Legends.


Specializes in cute animal e-cards. They're free, of course.

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Webby Awards - The "Oscars" of the internet

Good Experience - Professional approach to internet usability

Jon's World o' Squirrels - Squirrel mini-essays

Billy Bear's Playground - Touching and informative animal site

13 Spooky Halloween Sites

Best Sites for Valentine's Day


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Top 20
Search Engines
  1. Google
  2. Answers.com
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Clusty.com
  5. MetaCrawler
  6. MagPortal
  7. ixQuick
  8. Netcraft
  9. Kartoo.com
  10. Teoma

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