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Simply put, CuteGreetingCards.com is devoted to sending cute greeting cards. The site focuses on animals that are cute (kittens, puppies, bunnies, etc.). And yes they do have a few squirrel cards!

It's a very simple site and we like that as well. Sending a card is easy and using the site is fun. Plus, you'll be notified when the recipient of your card picks up the card.

Using this site is a great way to send a squirrel greeting or even an Easter-themed bunny greeting. There's something for everyone at CuteGreetingCards.com.

Please note, CuteGreetingCards.com was started by some of the same people that bring you SquirrelNet.com. However, despite our positive bias, we still think you'll enjoy your visit to CuteGreetingCards.com.

Visit CuteGreetingCards.com.

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