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Changes in the Top 20 Search Engines List

May 9, 2002

Due to a recent SquirrelNet poll, Google will move into the #2 position and Yahoo will drop to #3. When asked which site best helps them find information on the internet, about two-thirds of respondents favored Google over Yahoo. Please remember that this poll is not scientific since the selection of respondents is voluntary.

The results of the poll also indicate that the multitude of content on Yahoo is not enough to meet the complete needs of an internet user. That is, people can appreciate the content of Yahoo but they need a good search engine to help to extend their reach to the billions of web pages that are out there.

Google is SquirrelNet's choice for best search engine to use for difficult searches. We still believe that Yahoo is an information-rich resource that should not be overlooked. Thus, Yahoo's #3 rating means that Yahoo is still a great resource.

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Top 20
Search Engines
  1. Google
  2. Answers.com
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Clusty.com
  5. MetaCrawler
  6. MagPortal
  7. ixQuick
  8. Netcraft
  9. Kartoo.com
  10. Teoma
  11. About.com
  12. MSN Search
  13. Mamma.com
  14. BlogDigger
  15. AOL Search
  16. AllTheWeb
  17. Search.com
  18. Lycos
  19. AltaVista
  20. AskJeeves


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