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Find the Best Search Engine

Finding the best search engine depends on a few things. For example, you may be looking for the overall best search engine. Yet others may require a specific search engine because they are doing a "difficult search". Each of these can be addressed by the best search engine lists below:

The Top 20 Best Overall Search Engines

Looking for the best overall results? This is the best list for you. Search engines are ranked by their overall consistency in finding relevant results. The current leader is Google.

The Best Search Engines for Kids

We reviewed dozens of search engines for kids and have determined that few are worthy of recommendation. While several candidates that didn't make the list are child-appropriate directories, few achieve high-quality search results. Using Safe Search on Google is our favorite.

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Simple and Concise 3-Step Guide to Searching

Despite a market collapse, our top picks continue to thrive.  Also, the market collapse is favoring special purpose search engines.  Let SquirrelNet show you the way.


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Top 20
Search Engines
  1. Google
  2. Answers.com
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Clusty.com
  5. MetaCrawler
  6. MagPortal
  7. ixQuick
  8. Netcraft
  9. Kartoo.com
  10. Teoma

Complete List