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Yahoo is an information-rich resource

Access a simplified version of Yahoo! here

Yahoo! is one of the most popular sites on the internet. In fact, Yahoo! is where most people go when they need to conduct a search.

There are a few key reasons for Yahoo!'s success:

  • They have been around a long time
  • The site has a variety of features and is relatively easy to use
  • Almost everyone has heard of the site

While Yahoo is quite popular, it does not always provide the best search results. Overall, we recommend Overture as the best search engine.

However, Yahoo is useful because the site combines acceptable search performance with dozens of resource areas. For example, Yahoo is a place where you can read news, get email, learn about pets and join online clubs. Yahoo is so big that it's worth investigating what it can offer you in addition to search.

Below are a handful of links to Yahoo resources. Or you may prefer to conduct a Yahoo search.

Yahoo! homepage

Yahoo! Briefcase - access your files from anywhere

Picture Gallery - download pictures for free

Free email - Yahoo! free email is safer than Microsoft's HotMail.com

Yahoo! Broadcast - internet radio, online movies, sports events...

For communicating: Chat Instant Messenger Personals Groups Message Boards

For information: News Sports TV Movies Stock Quotes Weather

Going somewhere? Maps Driving Directions Traffic Travel

Need to call someone? Yellow Pages People Search

Other: Classifieds Careers Games Pet Guides

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