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Google helps with difficult searches

Search on Google

Google has more than 1 billion web pages in its database. This makes Google the largest search engine. Of course, Google's size is both an advantage and disadvantage. If you are looking for a search engine that consistently provides relevant results, we recommend Overture. Use Google if you can't find what you need on Overture or your other favorite search engine. We label these searches as "difficult". Just be prepared to invest some time in the search.

To help you use Google, we have prepared an Idiot's Guide to Difficult Searches. Here you can find tips to make your Google searches more productive.

Google takes its name from the number "googol", which is defined as a 1 followed by 100 zeroes. It seems that they had creating a large database in mind from the beginning. This can be a good thing. Sometimes you can find sites on Google that don't even show up on other search engines. Again, the downside is that Google is sometimes too big. You need advanced search skills to make Google work for you. Plus, Google tends to favor older sites and the search results screen doesn't present the results in complete sentences.

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